About Us

The Community Bin Project was established with the following objectives:

  • Providing low-income, high-density communities with the correct infrastructure in the form 1-ton bins in order to discourage illegal dumping on problem street corners.
  • Facilitating the removal of waste with the assistance of the Community Bin Project and various stakeholders.
  • Creating awareness and educating the communities, which is done with the assistance of technology. 

With the above objectives, the Community Bin Project aims to:

  • Collect waste at source, preventing pollution of the environment. This waste is contained in the bins, not exposed to the elements and there is no need to continuously have clean-up campaigns. Treat the cause not the symptom.
  • Infrastructure is protected as rainwater drains are not blocked with waste.
  • Water sources are not polluted with waste, which would otherwise be washed into rainwater drains and hence cause waste to enter rivers, dams, and the ocean.
    Waste can be separated at source with different bins and would assist waste collectors to remove the waste in a more dignified manner and increase their income.
  • Less waste would go to landfills if it were separated at source.
  • Waste is contained to prevent the breeding of diseases via biological waste and vermin.
  • Uplift communities by providing a clean environment in which to live.
  • Educate communities to discard waste in a responsible manner and not illegally dumped on street corners, or burnt out of desperation, causing air pollution.