Corporate Social Investments

Are you .....

  • a corporate who is concerned about the environment and looking for initiatives like ours?
  • a corporate who perhaps is located in these affected suburbs of Johannesburg, or surrounding areas?
  • a corporate wanting to be part of the solution, to prevent illegal dumping, protecting the environment and uplifting communities that do not have facilities to dispose of waste responsibly?  
  • a corporate  concerned about the environmental impact of illegal dumping and the effect it has on the mental and physical health of people living in these areas?
  • perhaps a philanthropic individual who would like to contribute to our cause?

Then why not assist us in our initiative?

We are entirely self funded so assistance can take on many forms.

  1. Monetary donations. 
  2. Offer up time and skills. 
  3. Donate equipment.
  4. Sponsor bins.

Monetary Donations

Make a monetary donation to our cause. Just click the donate button below.  As a registered Public Benefit Organisation, we have the ability to issue 18A certificates. 

Offer up time and skills

As a result of our reduced staff complement, we seldom have all the necessary skills at our disposal. Why not offer up some of you time and come assist us? 

Donate Equipment

Do you perhaps any of the following items that you can donate:

  • Polypropylene bags.
  • Old/End of line, flow bins.
  • PPE equipment.
  • Cleaning tools and materials.

If you do, then please make use of the contact details supplied via our Contact Us page. 

Sponsor bins

We have the ability to brand our bins with your organisation’s logo. See an example one of our designs using Ndebele print below.


Why not sponsor a couple of bins around your building?
Why not sponsor a couple blocks around your work/home premises?
Why not sponsor an entire suburb?

If you do, then please make use of the contact details supplied via our Contact Us page.